Kerry Allen - Asset Lead, Exyhodu's Dungeon of Glory:
"When it came to final project at Full Sail we were at the mercy of student artist/animator volunteers. Luckily Brandon proved to be very reliable, delivering us the content we required for our project despite having a great deal of his own project work to do. I am glad Brandon chose to work with us, and I feel he would be a great addition to any game development team."

Liz Canacari - Project Lead, Exyhodu's Dungeon of Glory:
"Brandon is a dedicated artist, whose work is always detailed and delivered on time. He understands his business and worked with us to present assets that complimented and completed our project."

Mark Doeden - Director of Development / Art Director, 8monkey Labs' Darkest of Days:
"As our Lead Animator on Darkest of Days, Brandon's workload consisted of nearly every character animation (biped and quadruped) and every 1st person weapon animation in the game. He welcomed this huge undertaking and he managed his responsibility extremely well. He always met his deadlines and continually pushed his work to a higher level. He is one of the most hard-working and motivated individuals that I've had the opportunity of working with and I believe he would be an great asset to any game development team."

Charles Lentz - Asset Lead, Dark Side Games' Teenage Mutant Ninja Tournament:
"Brandon was instrumental, (along with Mike "Chops" Washington), at getting art assets to our team at Full Sail for our final project: Teenage Mutant Ninja Tournament. Without his help, we certainly wouldn't have had as many animations in our game. Thanks again Brandon!"

Justin McFarlane - Web Developer/3D Designer, Phantom EFX:
"Brandon always met the deadlines given to him. I also attended Full Sail with him, and he was very dedicated to his work. I would say he would either be at lab or working on projects more than 90% of his classmates. He has a very good work ethic."

PC Gamer Podcast #169:
Regarding the Darkest of Days demo: "The animations of the Native American warriors on horseback were really cool."

Matt Rudder - Tech Lead, Cypher Edge Interactive's Ack! Zombies:
"Brandon is a very talented animator. The rigging and animation work he provided for our team was great, and he was always very flexible with requested changes as well as providing technical support for his assets."

Tom Williams - Project Lead, Cypher Edge Interactive's Ack! Zombies:
"You are one hell of an animator. We couldn't have asked for the riggings and animations any faster or prettier. Anything we asked, you accomplished in every aspect and we couldn't imagine what our game would look like without your work put into it."

Dacey Willoughby - Assistant Producer, Exyhodu's Dungeon of Glory:
"Brandon was dependable and produced solid animation, models, and rigs for our final project game Dungeon of Glory. I would recommend him to anyone looking for someone that can get the job done on time, with superior quality."

Also from
Dacey Willoughby - Assistant Producer, Exyhodu's Dungeon of Glory:
"Brandon performed consistently while working with us on the Exyhodu academic project. He delivered quality animations within the time constraints he was given, and was ready to troubleshoot at any time. He was a major help with the project, coming through when others did not. Brandon accomplished this outside of his school schedule. I am confident that he would be successful as an animator on a professional level, and would be a sound addition to a game production team."

Joe Wilson - Lead 3D Artist, 8monkey Labs' Darkest of Days:
"I worked with Brandon throughout his entire tenure at 8monkey, and have to say he was easily one of the hardest working guys there, if not one of the hardest working people I've ever worked with. He had the simple task of *making every animation for the entire game*, but not once do I remember him complaining about his workload, or not putting in the full effort to get it done to the best of his ability."

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